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Flacon Perfume Atomizer, Agarwood Mood

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TOP: Jasmin (Egyte), Rasperry
HEART: Ciste Labdanum (Spain), Incense (Somalia), Sandalwood (Australia), Vanilla (Absolute Madagascar)
BASE: Musk, Patchouly (Indonesia), Vetyver (Essence Haiti), Benzoin (Laos), Tonka beans (Venetuela)

Woody notes, enriched with raspberry and jasmine.
A hint of vanilla with sandalwood and a trace of vetiver.
With a slightly smokey character which creates a warm, appealing atmosphere.

AGARWOOD is redolent of a perfume tradition that dates back centuries. Its character is defined by oud, which is derived from the aquilaria and historically one of the most expensive raw materials in the world, more valuable than gold. A bright, resinous warmth blends with subtle wood tones and a contrasting smokiness to create an enigmatic and powerful fragrance experience. With its refined and opulent nature, AGARWOOD makes a compelling statement.

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